October 26, Friday Evening:
Vespers at 6 pm
Registration: 6:30 – 7 pm
First Session: 7 – 8:30 pm
Coffee and Dessert

Title of First Session:  Marriage and Christ in our Relationships
Marriage, for the Orthodox, is an icon of Christ’s relationship with the Church, revealing the spiritual life in Christ central to all our relationships. Dr. Mamalakis will lead us in a discussion on marriage and how understanding marriage in the Orthodox Church can help us navigate the challenges of all our relationships and thrive in whatever stage of life we are in.

October 27, Saturday Morning:
Matins at 8 – 9 am
Continental Breakfast at 9 – 10 am
Second Session: 10 am – 12 pm  (with time for questions)

Title of Session:  Parenting from the Inside Out
Building off of Friday night, Dr. Mamalakis will lead a discussion on how a clear, Orthodox understanding of Christ in the center of our relationships serves as the foundation for understanding parenting. It’s easy for parents to get distracted by the challenges of daily life and the temptations of our own personal struggles and lose sight of how God is working in our children through their misbehaviors. While this workshop is particularly suited for parents of young children, all adults who interact with children in the Church and in their lives are encouraged to attend and participate.

October 28, Saturday Afternoon:
Lunch from 12 – 1 pm
Third Session: 1 – 3 pm

Title of Session:  Parenting from the Outside In
All adults are tempted to notice children more when they misbehave than when they behave. Yet, misbehaviors are part of the process of growing up. What children need to thrive are homes that are Christ centered and parishes that are child-friendly. Join Dr. Mamalakis for a conversation on how to respond to children at all times in ways that draw our children toward the Kingdom of God.

Fourth Session: 3 – 4:30 pm

Title of Session:  Orthodoxy and Contemporary Mental Health
Throughout the weekend Dr. Mamalakis makes use of research and theories from contemporary child development research and theory as well as contemporary marriage therapy. For this workshop, Dr. Mamalakis will discuss how the Church, as the Body of Christ, appropriates aspects of modern psychology for pastoral care. While psychology, as a field, is a modern phenomenon, the Fathers of the Church had a deep understanding of psychological principles. Join us for a presentation and discussion of how we, as Orthodox, can understand contemporary psychology and how we are called to minister to those who struggle who struggle with mental illness.